3D desktop printer ASAP³
for dental clinics and labs

C-Works ASAP³ is completly new 3D printer for dentistry based on LED technology with very high spatial resolution and build volume. Our innovative technologies combined with common sense economics allow you to easily and effectively print surgical guides, models, detailed models for metal casting, provisionals and much more.

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Whether you are a CAD/CAM expert or a beginner in digital dentistry world you certainly need professional tools to work with. Cworks ASAP3 is a top rated, dental specific 3D Printer with high potential for the most demanding dental laboratories and clinics.

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Ultra high resolution

Suitable for most demanding applications

We have created a system that has all the power to print the most demanding dental print-outs without compromising speed, durability and affordability.
We carefully test all recommended materials to create custom profiles to reach desired results for each dental application.

Constant printing potential

Do not compromise performance!

Edge to edge printing with top speed. We have mastered the printing solution. ASAP³ is the third printer we have developed. We do not use laser anymore.
What is why ASAP³ is faster and affortable. We do not use DLP projector anymore. That is why our system is simpler, more economics and much more durable.

Optimal Build volume

Designed for your daily dentistry

We have responded to the needs of the dental customers. They were asking for the same precision as the Cworks Precision printer but with a larger build volume.
We have created a printer that is ideal for a dental clinic / lab solution. Build volume allows you to print exactly your target scenarios.

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Do you care about working costs, simplicity and durability? Most customers value our aproach that wastes less material, less plastic, no costly carridges. The same customers like that our resin tank is the most durable out there, with lowest maintanance cost and hidden costs. Does it matter to you as well?

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3.850,00 EUR excl. VAT
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Printing Platform

Straight forward and precise

Easily dismountable, cleanable, robust and durable. Aluminum printing platform moves in Z axis with 0,015 mm precision and is controled by sophisticated software algorithms to ensure highest possible accuracy.

EcoTank ™

Fundamentaly better, more economic and easy to use

Unlike others we manufacture more reliable and durable systems. Our EcoTank was created to respond to the need of economic, eco friendly system. It is made of a strong amuminium and we offer replacable transparent and very durable foil with extra extended lifespan compared to other. And when it comes to end you dont have to change the whole resin tank!

LED technology

Energy efficiency and durability

When creating our next generation 3D printer we had a simple idea in mind. That idea guided our engineers towards the gold standard of the industry. We have started to produce our own LCD panels with a powerfull UV light diode to assemble it in a simple systém that is hassle free, easy to maintain and very powerfull.


Use most available resins on the market

Every resin needs a special attention. Our team is working with joy to validate all resins available and create custom profiles that are available to all Cworks printer users around the globe. You can also purchase resin through our sales channels and eshop.



Simple and direct. And open. Thats is our winning philisophy and long term success strategy. Join the growing community of 3D Printer user in Dentistry. ASAP means As Soon As Possible. And the time has come now.

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3.850,00 EUR excl. VAT
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3.850,00 EUR excl. VAT
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Open architecture

Feel free to use it in Full Digital Workflow in Dentistry

Our philosofhy is derived from our extensive experience in the dental market with digital imaging (xray and optical) prducts and Cad/CAM systems. That is why we have created an open system ready to adapt to any Full Digital Workflow in Dentistry. You can even use our software to prepare data for other printers as well.

Compact design

Simple and strong advantage

We know how crowded dental office or lab can be. That is why we have invented a very compact 3D printer for dentistry with emphasis on ease of use and ideal build volume. Operated with a single button and touch screen. Interfaced through WiFi, LAN or USB. No automatick refilling, simple and straight forward. Long lasting.


Take a break, the software manages it for you

An ideal 3D printer for dentistry does many things for you. For example automatic support design. Easy to use, award winning software lets you position your virtual models on the virtual base. Drag and drop. Plug&play – thats our philosophy.

ASAP³ Technical data

Z axis resolution: 0,015 mm
Standard layer height: 0,050 mm (0,025mm)
One layer print time: 6 - 8 s
Speed: 1 - 2 cm / hour
Display: Colour Touch 4.3"
Weight: 8 kg
External dimensions: 230 x 270 x 430mm
Data inputs: USB flash disk, LAN, WIFI
Build Volume: 125 x 70 x 150 mm

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